Pilot In Progress Designed Face Masks

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Designed Face Masks
Washable & Re-Usable Masks

  • Description

    We brought you the most advanced mask with our amazing designs. These masks are washable, re-usable, thanks to advanced "FILTER" changing system. See how;

    What is the Difference between Mask Only & With Air Valve?
    Answer: Air Valve is equivalent with N95 masks which allows you to breath-in and breath-out much easier.

    Both Mask Only and With Air Valve editions are washable, re-usable and come with 2 FREE Changeable Filters. 

    If you buy a Mask With Air Valve, you will receive;
    1x Mask
    2x Free Filters.

    If you buy Mask Only, you will receive;
    1x Mask
    2x Free Filters.

  • Brief Details
    Material: Cotton & Washable & Re-usable

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